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Say Yes 2 More Denim !

Say Yes 2 More Denim !


Current/Elliott mid-rise jeans
$120 –

Liliana shoes

Purse bag

Estella Bartlett lobster clasp charm
$56 –


JSYK ! Spring 2017 Trends

Although New York Fashion week for the spring of 2017 is long gone, we can’t help it at B.Konfidential but too recollect our minds and thoughts to strike out with many of the great trends a lot of our favorite designers put before us!

Well, here’s a photos showing many of the great trends from our favorite designers showcasing B’s favorite trends such as the white shirt, floral prints, and pinstripes !

Enjoy !



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Photo Courtesy: Style Caster


The 3 Most Stylish Men In The NBA

Brace yourselves ladies, 2016 has finally come to an end and I’ve tallied up the top 3 stylish NBA players! Yes, top 3! So, who’s the lucky number 3? Why don’t you take a look, but mind you, don’t stare at the screen to long, your eyes could be struck on sight.

1. Dwayne Wade, The Chicago Bulls


Photo Credit: Fashion Bomb Daily

As a Miami native, of course I love Dwayne Wade! Despite his tough departure from the warm waters, he still will go down in my book as the most FASHIONABLE player in the NBA. For years, Dwayne has made effortless attempts to show he’s not only a threat on the court, yet, a force to be reckoned with on the runways. Needless to say, his wife, actress, Gabrielle Union, is also known for her looks and great style. Can you say perfect match ?!?

2. Lebron James, The Cleveland Cavaliers 


Photo Credit: GQ

This has to be one of my favorite of Lebron James’s magazine covers for many reasons! The first one being is, his swag is just on 10! The style of his suit makes him one of us and not the typical 3-piece GQ magazine cover. Upon his arrival to the NBA in 2003, LBJ has never felt fear to showcase his fashion and physique. Well, when your as big as LBJ of course, it’s kinda hard to miss the big guy!

 3. Stephen Curry , The Golden State Warriors


Photo Credit: Pintrest

Anybody that knows me well, knows that I’m a HUGE Golden State fan. So,  no wonder why Stephen Curry will show up on my list. Besides my obsession with Golden State, Steph is not only an amazing family man and role model for kids, but, he is a trendsetter and never chooses to follow everyone else (even in all aspects of his life), which is a winner in my book!


New Year, Now What ?

With every new year comes a some resolution we all attempt to follow but never actually follow it at least 14 days into the new year. So, what’s the issue at hand with these new year resolutions? Well, some of them are never really realistic. For example, “I want to loose 4 dress sizes in the first 30 days” or “I’m going to stop eating junk food.” Needless to say, all of these new year resolutions we come up with could be possible to achieve, but, the problem is we MUST be realistic when setting these goals and aspirations.

Now, I’m extremely guilty of buying a planner every year and setting my goal to be more organized and complete my homework assignments on time or even in advanced. Yet, what I’ve learned is that:

  1.  NEVER attempt to repeat the same exact goal every new year. Aim for the stars honey!
  2. If the goal works out.. Great PUSH yourself throughout the entire year. Don’t quit just because the first 90 days of the year is gone!
  3. Stick to it! Don’t become distracted!
  4. Don’t become discouraged by what others are doing because it will only lead to you not completing your goal.

With that being said, buying a planner didn’t work out for me. Last fall, I’ve learned that buying a white board, placing it my room, allowed me to visually see what I had going on in my life and plan for it. There was no stupid planner that could have worked better than that colorful white board of mine. Be mindful that different things work for different people.