Did Anyone Say COLOUR ?

On Friday, I had the chance to witness one of the most greatest ideas to hit the beauty industry. Was it a new flat iron invention? No. Was it a new hair dryer invention? No. Well, if your still guessing I’m not going to hold you any longer. Let me introduce you to an amazing hair styling app called Colour. Colour is not like the traditional styling service were you have to book an hair appointment a week in advance when your in dying need of a basic silk press that same day. It’s a new way to get the hairstyles you need in a timely and professional manner. The best part about the Colour app is it was created with women of color in mind.


Photo Courtesy: Get Colour Instagram

Color Founders Stephanie Belcher and Debra Shigley 

With it being four days since Colour hairstylist, Cree has blessed my natural roots I can honestly say that Colour founders Debra Shigley and Stephanie Belcher have created a team of professional hairstylists who can tame and slay nearly any hair texture there is! With my hair being natural for over 3 years, I’ve became worried that my hair might break Cree’s styling weapons, considering I’ve never washed or conditioned my own hair before. However, within the last four days and tons of humid heat my hair has stood it’s ground and still to this day is flowing and shaking. Furthermore, my experience with Cree was amazing. She was on time and very attentive to my hair, which put the A in amazing. Besides her ability to tame my edges, Cree offered me tips on keeping my hair happy and healthy and with those tips, I’ve been able to maintain and keep flawless hair. My experience with Colour has shown me that regardless of anyone’s busy schedule, walking out the door feeling your absolute best is what matters. Nevertheless, that is what this business is about, making women of color feel their best even when the world is against them.

So, are you enlightened with my experience with Colour?  Booking an appointment with Colour is just as easy as downloading the app and requesting an invite code. Lastly, for just $200 a month, you can enjoy unlimited styling from a month-to-month basis.



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