All Hail The Natural Hair!

We all have those moments where we stop and look at the next woman’s hair. Right ? Well, I have come across some interesting revelations about the criticism of the natural hair belonging to a black woman. In 2016, we have seen and heard many critics discuss the fullness of our hair and what it stands for in our communities and let alone their communities. Since the the 1960’s and 1970’s the big afro of stood for much more than just a stylish trend in the civil rights movements, it stood for power.  Black hair has been seen for years a kinky or “nappy”. However, we have to understand that natural hair comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. For instance, I’ve released myself from the “white crack” otherwise known as relaxer going on 3 years and I LOVE IT! Not to mention, everyone has a different hair texture and the process of which your hair takes after crack withdrawel depends on a lot of different factors such as products and current condition of your hair. So, ladies enjoy your natural hair, take care of it, and love it because no one else will love it like you do!
All Hail The Natural Hair



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