Beauty & RnB: The Ultimate Giveback Experience

Plenty of laughs and giggles surfaced the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Dekalb County Tuesday afternoon as  Colour U Cosmetics,  hosted a back-to-school event to give back to the children in the community. For Karen Stallings, the owner of Colour U Cosmetics, the Boy’s and Girl’s Club is no stranger to her. ” The connection I have to the Boy’s and Girls Club is my son. So, I understand.” said Stallings

With this being the first annual back to school event hosted by Stallings and her team of managers, they have no plans of stopping now. Since May, Stallings and her team worked tirelessly to provide backpacks and school supplies for nearly 150 children. Along with providing backpacks and school supplies, Stallings and her team provided each little one plenty of food, fun, and games. Regardless of how tired Stallings became, she saw the bigger picture. “I plan on having another event through out the school year, children need backpacks and school supplies other times in the year besides August, it just doesn’t stop here.”


Photo Credit: M7 Creative Consulting

Colour U Cosmetics owner, Karen Stallings captured with two young girls at the Boy’s and Girl’s Club of Dekalb County.

Although she has a true passion for helping others, Stallings is a very busy woman. Being a CEO of a vastly growing cosmetics line, Stallings makes sure her vision of her company is known for stepping outside the box and offering her community and very own customers the full Colour U experience. “When you walk into Colour U Cosmetics, I want you to get the full experience, as if you were at a MAC counter.” In addition to being a makeup and skin care line, Colour U Cosmetics offers make-up classes were licensed make-up artists teach others how to apply their favorite make-up products. ” My vision is to help as many women feel beautiful, that’s what Colour U Cosmetics is about; true beauty.” said Stallings

The fun didn’t stop with the food and games. Talented singer, songwriter, and dancer Denzel Phillips from Athens, Georgia graced the dance floors with a performance for each child and staff member to remember. At the  young age of twenty two years old,  Phillips has so much too put into music and contribution to his community. “I myself am a product of the Boy’s and Girl’s Club.” said Phillips ” I was sort of born into domestic violence because my mom was in a abusive relationship with my father.” With a troublesome past, Phillips made it his goal to become a positive black role model for young children.

bg15Photo Credit: M7 Creative Cousulting

Singer Denzel Phillips preforming his song “Detox” to a crowd of children.

Preforming songs such as “Dance” and “Dextox”, Phillips embraced the crowd of little ones as he sings the songs that reflect his past. Most of all, Phillips hopes that as he grows in his music career that he gets the important message across about the hardships of domestic violence. “My song detox, I actually wrote years ago, it’s about my mother. ” said Phillips. “Because of her abusive relationship, I was the only one out of four children who survived the domestic violence relationship. The song detox I wrote because I wanted to be that detox for my mother from her relationship.” Despite his situation, Phillips still has his head in the game and ready to create, love, and inspire.




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