We All Love The Bad Boys..Don’t We?

There’s this old tired saying that girls typically fall for the bad boys. To be honest, it’s very true regardless of how we try to put it,  girls love the bad boys. But, no matter what or how hard we try to admit it, we all have had that one bad boy that had our eyes fluttered with hearts and to shy to speak because well, they were just that freaking cute! Too cute, your parents saw his badness and came to the conclusion that he just wasn’t good enough for their little princess. Am I lying?

Falling for the bad boys isn’t something we’ve picked up on our own. The luxury of dating bad boys is in our genes as women. Honestly, we tend to be attracted to

bad boys.jpg

Photo Courtesy : Divine Caroline

the type of men our father’s were and if you actually thought about it, there’s a reason why our mother’s were caught in the loop of our father’s. Yet, there’s some psychology to it. The movies we watch and t.v shows we tune into weekly all play a crucial factor in the way we pick our men.

For example, as women, we don’t want the nerdy computer science major. Especially, in college! College gives us as women the many options for dating the outstanding amount of hot guys. While some guys actually settle down and meet someone special, the other 90 percent just aren’t searching for the “Mrs.Right.” Therefore, our minds are (let me make this as easy as possible) “Well, I can change him. I can be that right one!” Just wait right there and park it girly, every girl a bad boy comes across thinks that their going to be the one to change that guy but, you’re not. He has to feel a way about you to change. As much as it sucks to get our feelings hurt by these “Bad Boys” it’s only preparing us to meet Mr. Right.


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