When Failing a College Course Goes Wrong

I am very known around my family and friends has being the “smart cookie.” However, this past spring semester, I’ve bit off WAY more than I can chew (quite frankly, being  a hungry girl all the time that’s not surprising!). Being now a college senior, I have taken on a full-time job at Macy’s Inc. which is excited for me and my prospective career agenda, but is a lot considering I’M A COLLEGE SENIOR !

As I viewed my grades, I’ve noticed I passed every class with a B average except Spanish! Now, if you know me you should be aware that I am a Spanish minor and being from the most beautiful place in America (at least I would like to think so, lol) Miami, that speaking Spanish is natural. NOT! I left Miami nearly 3 odd years ago and I can tell you here in Atlanta, Ga there’s not too many Spanish speakers unless you visit certain areas.

To make everything clear, I’m not writing this post to showcase my failure but, to show everyone else who is attending college or planning to attend college that as long as you have the will to never give up and keep it pushing you WILL be okay! We all have minor setbacks in life and this my friends has to be one of them!

So, how am I coping you say? Well, i just have to take a deep breather and re-take the course this summer! Don’t sweat the small stuff and fall into the trap of beating everyone else because you WILL become exhausted!

In the long run, just learn your lesson and don’t stress it!


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