Pour Up Drank

A lot of people ask me on the regular how do I keep my skin clean and clear. Even during my monthly visit, I tend to get those pimples here and there. Some people may be shocked to hear that all I use to keep my complexion clean is a simple bottle of water two to three times a day. Yes, I said it WATER ! It’s the primary resource for the best skin possible and with out it, you could have more than just skin issues.
While I’m not going to dwell on the importance of drinking water, I do want to say that covering up your blemishes and pimples with tons of foundation and concealor is not the best way to handle bad skin problems. In my opinion, by far the best skin product for hydration is Mary Kay’s Intense Moisturizing Cream. With the weather being very flaky this winter, it has been a big priority of mine to keep my face mostrurized and conditioned. As a matter of fact, water and Mary Kay aren’t the only ones responsible for my skin. Now that I think about it, vegatables are also play a big part as well ! Eating your daily servings of vegtables such as your greens can give your skin the vitamin D and B12 needed to keep your skin looking flawless.

may kaymary kay

Photo Courtesy : Mary Kay (moisturizing cream)


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