Boyfriend’s At Their Best

By looking at the title above, you might have thought this post was about your current boyfriend or a boyfriend of the past. But, you are wrong ! This post is simply about the causualties we get from wearing our favorite boyfriend jeans. Their trendy, fashionable, and VERY comfortable. Therefore, we simply can’t get enough of them ! So, what are the latest trends for wearing boyfriend jeans this spring ?
boyfriend jeans
Photo Courtsey: Cosmopolitian Magazine UK
Nicole Richie, Ashely Tisdale, Rihanna, and Miranda Kerr all rocking boyfriend jeans.
 Girly, preppy, or even a edgy biker girl look are all great ways to express your own personal look with boyfriend jeans. To make your style your own try doing something to the hem of your jeans such as folding them, wriping them, and rolling them. Bottom line is — do something with those bottom’s girl! Next, nothing beats a killer outfit other than a pair of jeans that doesn’t have the right fit. Always remember, boyfriend jeans tend to be slouchy. Never ever purchase a pair of boyfriend jeans that are TOO BIG or TOO SMALL; this will kill your look!
For the best variety of boyfriend jeans at an awesome price, visit Forever 21 to purchase boyfriend jeans as low as $27.90 !




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