The Fuller The Hair

Everyone has been asking me for the last two and a half years how do I maintain such full hair 365 days a year in Hotlanta (Atlanta, Ga). Well, after much thought put into the advice I give people, I’ve decided that instead of telling them I have an awesome hairstylist by the name of Keisha Hannor located in Fayetteville, Ga, I decided to go way deeper than that. Along with her amazing skills, she also uses Naked by Essations products to give my hair that fullness and wow appeal. However, I’ve noticed over the last few years that GREAT hair just doesn’t appear overight (even though some of us beauty mavens would like it too). Great hair and fuller hair starts with your hairstylist and your own hair care between visits to your salon.
Here are a few tips that I have been using the last few years in order to get my hair full and looking right!
1. Just face it, it doesn’t happen over night !
 Upon graduating from highschool, my natural hair became extremely damaged. I mean since the age of 5 years old I was sitting in my mothers lap while she snatched my edges back in what we called “hair crack”. Uggh, the name cringes as I’m currently here writing this blog post. Moreover, if you were like me and spent years getting relaxers, it’s going to take a while for your hair to adjust to it’s natural state (without the hair crack to be exact). For those women living in hot climates year round, don’t make excuses it’s possible! Just think about it. Do you want flawless hair or thin hair with disminishing edges? Take your pick.


Photo Courtesy: Briale Harris

Editor-in-Chief pictured with her hair two weeks after visiting the hair salon.

2. Oil It Baby and Oil It Good.
If you don’t understand by now how important it is to keep your hair hydratyed it’s probably why your hair looks so brittle right now and another reason why it could be falling down the drain in your kitchen sink. Personally, I have very thick hair and oiling my hair too much (once everyday for example) is entirely to much. Oiling your hair twice a week with Pure Virgin Olive Oil and massaging your roots with olive oil is so crucial in hair care. Without the proper oil getting to your roots, your hair would be falling out as fast as you can call swipe your credit card.
3. Wrap It Girl, Just Wrap It On Up.
You know your hair better than anyone else on this planet. Some women can go to bed at night without having to wrap their hair up or even applying rollers to their hair. But, regardless of your situation, wrapping your hair at bed time is more important than you think. For those women who don’t wrap their hair at night your depriving your hair of the moisture that’s sealed in by your hairscarf (Also, I always recommend a silk hair scarf. It’s perfect for locking in that shine and hydration!) Therefore, ladies don’t do it !

3 thoughts on “The Fuller The Hair

    1. Good question! Massaging of the scalp with olive oil or even coconut oil twice a week for 3 minutes is my advice for dry hair (I also have dry hair) For spilt ends I recommend trimming them occasionally. By doing so, your hair will grow out but most importantly grow out healthier. I hope that helps !


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